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Accessories for Heaters from Elston Manufacturing, Inc.

Adjustable Mount

Adj MountC-980A and C-990B Adjustable Heater Mounts

Quickly move one of our roll-on heaters from one trailer to another. Two models are available. The first, the C-980A, is designed for X-700 and CAT-700 roll-on cargo heaters while the second, the C-990B, is designed for the X-900 and CAT-900 heaters.




X-810 Portable Kit

X-810The X-810 portable kit allows the 118T and CAT-118 (the wall mount versions of the roll-on cargo heaters) to be quickly installed or removed. Gas lines are kept clean and dry and can be quickly connected and disconnected.




X-850 Ventilator

X-850Allows a continuous supply of oxygen and improves air circulation. It is highly recommended for all heaters except the HC-1.




X-1200 Battery Box

Battery BoxCarry a battery to extend the run time of the accessories on your trailer when your tractor is off or disconnected. Power accessories such as lift gates, heaters, and cargo lights. Fits group 24M, 27 and 31 batteries. Other sizes are available on special order.




X-1025 Single 20 lb Propane Bottle Carrier

X-1025Safely carry one 20 lb propane bottle (not included) under the floor of the cargo area when using the LC-110, HC-1, 118T, or CAT-118 heaters. Includes the bottle carrier, regulator, hoses, and fittings. Overall dimensions are: Height 20" x Width 14" x Depth 14"




X-1050 Dual 20 lb Propane Bottle Carrier

X-1050Safely carry two 20 lb propane bottles (not included) under the floor of the cargo area when using the LC-110, HC-1, 118T, or CAT-118 heaters. Includes the bottle carrier, hoses, fittings, and a regulator that automatically switches between tanks. Overall dimensions are: Heigth 22" x Width 28" x Depth 16"




Series 32A Propane Bulk Tank Kit

Series 32Maximize your range and cut down on fill ups with a 100 lb tank. Includes tank, valves, and mounting brackets but requires the parts in the HLC-S32I installation kit for a new installation. Can be used with the LC-110, HC-1, 118T, or CAT-118.




HLC-S32I Installation Kit for HLC Heaters with Series 32 Bulk Tanks

Includes the regulators, copper tubing, brass fittings, and other parts necessary to connect any H-LC heater to a Series 32 tank. A great time saver since you will not need to run all over town getting parts.

HLC-S32I Installation Kit Documentation



HC-550 Remote Box

HC-500 Remote BoxAdd a remote switch and indicator lights to the H-C heater when the installed location of the heater will not allow access to the lights and switches on the sides of the heater.



Cargo Safe Retrofit

We can service and retrofit your existing Cargo Safe heaters. Please contact us for more information.


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