GA-600 Gopher Getter Jr. by Elston Manufacturing, Inc.

The Gopher Getter Jr is designed to help you end gopher problems in large lawns or small acreages. Our product has a number of advantages over other gopher solutions.

  • Easy - Using the Gopher Getter Jr is much easier and faster than by hand. It also automatically drops the right amount of bait and is much easier on your back.
  • Economical - It costs less than hiring someone to come out just one time.
  • Clean - There are no fumes, mud, extra holes, or explosions to worry about.
  • Safe - The Gopher Getter Jr places the bait underground for safety. The gophers will consume the bait there and die underground, safely out of reach of your pets.


Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a GA-600 Gopher Getter or if you have any questions about this product. 

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