HC Compact Universal Propane Cargo/Cab Heater by Elston Manufacturing

The HC heater provides safe, convenient heat in a robust, compact package. It is built for environments where a heavy duty heater is needed such as mining and construction equipment, as well as beverage and van bodies.

Safe - The air needed for combustion is drawn directly from outside and kept completely separate from the inside air so carbon monoxide and other exhaust products are kept from the air you breathe.

Compact 19000 BTU Design - At less than one cubic foot (16" x 12" x 8"), this propane fueled wall mount heater can fit almost anywhere, yet still puts out lots of heat.

Robust - This heater is built to hold up in rough conditions.

Replacement for Hunter Heaters - Replaces discontinued models such as the PH20-15A and PH20-16A with a higher efficiency heater that has more modern controls.

The standard H-C-1 model operates on 12 VDC. An additional model, the H-C-24, runs on 24 VDC with an included 24 to 12VDC converter. Installation kits are available for a wide range of setups, including those replacing other companies' heaters and additional kits are possible. Please contact our sales department for details.

Product Specifications


Dimensions16" W x 11 1/2" T x 8" D16" W x 11 1/2" T x 8" D

Shipping Weight30 lbs32 lbs

Rating19000 BTU19000 BTU

Fuel RequirementPropane (LP gas)Propane (LP gas)

Fuel Consumption1 lbs/hr max1 lbs/hr max

Rated Voltage12 volts DC24 volts DC

Operating Voltage Range12 - 14 volts DC20 - 28 volts DC

Current Draw4 amps2.5 amps

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing an HC universal cargo heater or if you have any questions about this product.