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Cargo Heaters

Elston heaters are available for heating cargo in a range of spaces from straight truck bodies to beverage truck to semi-truck trailers. Other models are available for heating the cabs of heavy equipment. All our heaters are thermostatically controlled and burn propane.

Safe, portable, and economical heat in a stand alone package. It can be easily rolled from one trailer to another to provide heat when and where you need it.

Produces clean, convenient heat at the flip of a switch. This forced air heater mounts on the front of trailers and straight truck bodies.

All of our Nose Mount Cargo Heaters & Roll-on Cargo Heaters meet DOT (Dept. of Transportation) and FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) standards for transportation of cargo by public highway

Our Catalytic Roll-on Heaters (CAT-118, CAT-700, and CAT-900) & vented version (H-LC-110V) can transport Class 3 (flammable liquids) and Division 2.1 (flammable gases) materials.

Code of Federal Regulations 2011 Title 49 part 177 for haul hazardous materials

DOT and FMCSA Code for Heaters used on any motor vehicle


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