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Traction Sanders


Elston Traction Sanders are a convenient and effective way to improve your traction, especially in icy conditions.

Improved Control - Increased traction allows you to stop and start faster and better climb steep grades.

Effective - Our sanders drop grit that quickly improves your traction in icy conditions. Since it is available at the push of a switch, it is there when you need it. When you drive on roads that aren't sanded or salted or have icy patches, you'll have the extra traction you need.

Reduce Time Chaining Up - In some states, our sanders are an approved substitute for chains thereby saving you the time for chaining and unchaining tires and the expense of replacement chains.

Low Maintenance - Requires less maintenance than other products. It only needs to be installed once. After that, it is always available, unlike chains or similar products.

Newly Improved - Recently improved to now include a high quality, 2 layer powder coating for the 661, 861 and Quarterfender series for better resistance to road salts and de-icing chemicals.

We have models designed for a range of applications.


View how the sand comes out.

This shows how it comes out as the truck moves.

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